Infertility can sometimes become the reason why couples fight and separate. Married couples should accept the fact that there are certain parts of marriage that we cannot plan. If the couple is really determined in having a child, then there are other ways that they can use.

Surrogacy is a popular choice for women whose body is not fit to carry a child. There is the traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy to choose from and the use of which depends on the reason why the couple can’t conceive.

If the problem is with the reproductive cells of the couple, it may be a good idea to find donors. One tip in choosing a donor to donate eggs or sperm cells is to choose from people you know and you can trust but this is not always possible because it may become awkward when the child sees his or her biological parent when the child meets the donors regularly.

In the same way, if the problem is with the man’s sperm cells, it is also possible to get donors for sperm cells. The screening for the donor must be done properly to make sure that the child receives good genes.

Here are some of the thing that you should check when looking for great sperm and egg donor.

Overall fitness

Donors are screened medically before their egg o sperm is accepted to be used for fertilization butt this also means there may be some things that the donor is hiding that you should investigate about. You should try to avoid getting donors who do not take care of their body like people who smoke and drink heavily or those that take too much medications.

Health background of his or her family

Another factor that must be thoroughly checked is the medical history of the donor’s family and ancestors because these says a lot of the traits that were passed from one generation to another. A very important factor that should not slip your mind when checking the family background is spotting family members with chromosomal abnormalities like down syndrome. Learn more about ovum donation please visit this website.

Don’t take the interviews for granted

To avoid missing to ask questions during the interview, make sure that all the questions are prepared and try to get as much information as you can from the donor with this interview. You can also observe the behavior, mannerism and physical traits of the donor and assess these factors if they will be passed down to your child.