Religious sectors discussed that they are not advocating any usage of contraceptives. More controversies on birth controls have been present before but it was primarily not welcome like abortion. The root cause of this is that sex might be regarded as no value in place of reproduction purposes and thus, it may only result in wrong uses of sex. Anyhow, individuals may find the prohibition of birth controls not be precise and may potentially change overtime. One of the most widely used types of birth control is the intrauterine (IUD) instruments. However, many women has filed lawsuits against the Mirena maker and the Mirena IUD Lawsuit Center at helps women learn more about the said birth control device.

The religious idea on contraception and birth controls has been grounded on the religious notion on justice, equality and freedom on conscience. The responsible and loving use of the gifts of sexuality and reproduction are the most valued fundamentals of religion. The best choice any couple or person may make is to get pregnant and have children.

The use of contraceptives to make it easier to engage in extramarital sex (by avoiding the consequences of sex, like pregnancy) is not supported by Protestantism or any other religious tradition. Everyone, not only married couples, but also unmarried couples in the modern-day America use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Accordingly, it is considered that the increasing contraceptive opposition is mainly due to the disapproval of extramarital sexual activity rather than support family planning. Making sex difficult for extramarital couple without consequences may mean for married couple to be difficult in planning perfectly and care for their children that seems to be a contract they are willing to make.