If you are Twiggy or Ashley Greene, you may not be bothered by your turned up nose. In fact, it may be considered attractive. These women have received media attention because their nose is very appealing. However, for the average U.S. citizen, an exaggerated turned up, over shortened, scooped nasal appearance may be a downside in life. The imperfection may lead to lowered self esteem, ridicule or adversely affected social and professional activities. This type of imperfection is not usually welcomed, particularly when the imperfect appearance is the outcome of nose surgery. Though such conditions occur in a very small number of nose surgery cases, revision nose surgery may be required to improve such conditions.

But first, how can this occur? In some cases, this problem is the result of removing a portion of the nasal septum and/or the nasal spine during nose surgery. Alternatively, plastic surgeons may reshape the nasal cartilage to achieve a refined appearance which usually does not result in imperfections.

Second, how is the repair performed? An over shortened, turned up and scooped nasal appearance is one of the more complex types of revision surgeries for surgeons to perform. In some cases, scar tissue is present and must be removed in order to improve the appearance of the nose. In other cases, cartilage loss must be restored using grafts. There are times that a graft may also be used to lengthen the nasal tip. The technique used in revision nose surgery is often unique according to Peter Johnson MD.

Third, how can you find a surgeon? Because these procedures tend to be complex, a nose surgeon with quantifiable experience in revision nose surgery is usually most suitable to perform this type of procedure. These plastic surgeons will likely have before and after photos of other patients that underwent revision nose surgery. They will take time to show you the photos of patients that closely mimic your concerns so that you can set reasonable expectations for the outcome of your procedure. They may speak with you about their experience in training and continuing education as well as any research work, published papers or lectures they have presented on the topic of nose surgery. The nose is comprised of some of the most complex features to manipulate through surgery. It is for the above mentioned reasons that it is important to seek out the advice of an experienced nose surgeon that has performed a good number of complex revision surgery procedures. Continue reading about rhinoplasty or other plastic surgery procedures here http://www.peterejohnsonmd.com