There are several things you should know about what’s taking place in your lower bowel and what you can do to help matters.

Raise Your Colon Transit Time:

Bowel waste products are a toxic, putrefying, stagnant mess that can harm the gut. Ideally you’d like this waste to travel through your intestines as soon as they have assimilated the life-giving nutrients from your food. The key to this is eating enough fibre. In countries where people eat plenty of fibre, transit times can be as little at 15-18 hours. In several western countries, ithe transit average is more like 35 - 38 hours.

Bulk Your Stools:

Your stools should be soft and smooth, rather like the consistency of peanut butter. You shouldn’t strain to induce a bowel movement. Relax until it comes out easily. Soluble and insoluble fibre both help to add moisture and bulk to your stools so they pass more quickly.

Balance Your Digestion:

Healthy and regular bowel movements usually result from a balance between stools that are neither too firm nor too loose. If diarrhoea occurs, specific kinds of natural soluble fibre,eg apple pectin, could help gently eliminate occasional symptoms without causing problems with bowel problems later on.

Eliminate Heavy Metals & Toxins

Naturally-occurring fibres and phytonutrients help eliminate putrefying matter and heavy metals from your intestine before they are reabsorbed into your body’s tissues.

Avoid All Laxatives:

Artificial chemical purgatives aren’t the solution. They irritate the gut lining forcing fecal matter out. After a while the bowel cannot be relied on to evacuate on its own and you become reliant on laxatives. Laxatives have side effects that may increase an inclination towards constipation and block the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food. There are ancient herbal remedies available from the area formerly known as Ancient Phoenicia that are gentle yet purgative to blockages in the colon.

Restore Your Internal Flora:

If you’ve regularly taken chlorinated water or antibiotics, your intestinal flora has likely been upset. Antibiotics don’t just kill the bad bacteria; they indiscriminately wipe out ALL bacteria including the good! You may need to supplement with probiotics to restore the healthy bacteria in your gut. These beneficial abdominal floras perform a wide range of vital functions for your body and keep the bad bacteria from taking over.

Born and brought up in Asia, Graeme Dinnen was intrigued by the way in which different Asian cultures approach their health and wellbeing. He studied aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and together with his wife Phylipa, now runs Resources For Life - a natural health business in Chichester, West Sussex

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