The part of our sense of smell and flavor undoubtedly goes hand-in-hand. When you smell the smell of food being cooked it has a tendency to induce a craving, that inner desire to eat. But did you know that in reducing your weight our sense of smell can be quite beneficial (yes, it’s beneficial just like how Argan oil reviews claim Argan oil products also help in weight loss)? Here are some details to think about whenever you seek to slim down with the help of your ability to smell.

The Strong Aroma of Garlic

A survey not too long ago learned that potent scents will probably let us hold back on getting bigger bites. Food that is hot and spicy or is abundant in onions, garlic, and chili makes personal take smaller bites, having the person eat less. This is just the thing for individuals who are shedding pounds.

The Natural Smell of Bananas and Green Apples

If you wish to suppress your desire for food then the natural sweet aroma of a banana or even green apple might just come in very useful as discovered in a research. The study says people who sniffed these types of fruits after they experience being hungry lost more weight than those who did not.


To be among the many favorite of a lot men and women in a diet regimen for it boost weight loss. It is rich in lycopene as well as vitamin C. However what many people know is that it can also aid to shed off unwanted weight if the person takes enough time to smell it even for just a few seconds just before eating it. This is based on a research in Japan.

The Sense of Smell and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

There are many benefits which can be derived from extra virgin olive oil. It has been established to be very healthy and can assist men and women in losing weight. Well almost everyone recognize this currently. What they do not know is always that weight reduction could also be realized by simply smelling extra virgin olive oil. Smelling this kind of oil provides person of a feelings of bloatedness, as a result curbing hunger and eating less.

The Classic Palate Cleanser of Italians

Italians are very fond of fennel. Many of them have this particular nourishing plant between courses as palate cleansers. It’s been learned that this plant is a fantastic appetite suppressant as learned by researchers of West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy. Once food cravings strikes anyone just need to have chilled water in a glass as well as a stalk of fennel.