There is one key reason as to why the pharmaceutical industry has been unable to develop a real herpes cure. Granted, pharmaceutical companies have been successful in formulating cures for illnesses that have been, for the longest time, declared to be untreatable. For example, the condition known as pneumonia. It has claimed so many lives in the past that it was thought to have no cure. But pneumonia patients these days only have to be administered with antibiotics in order to combat the disease.

Other conditions like tuberculosis, typhoid fever and hepatitis are routinely treated with easily available (and quite inexpensive) pharmaceutical products. All those accomplishments make you wonder, then, why these pharmaceutical companies still haven’t found a cure for herpes, which is considered by some to be a simple condition. There is only one reason for that: the virus that causes herpes has managed to elude these pharmaceutical companies since it is so good at keeping itself hidden. This virus stays in hiding, then surfaces only long enough to bring about the herpes and attacking the patient, then going back to hide yet again.

Even then, some of the viruses remain in hiding even as others go about inducing herpes outbreak episodes in the patient. These viruses could also be fought off by the body’s own set of antibodies and even some drugs and medicines. But those that remain in hiding are able to avoid being combated through drugs or by the body’s own immunity. So it becomes hard to cure herpes completely, because at any given point in time, some of the viruses that causes it are always in hiding and they can’t be reached by drugs or get tackled by the body’s own immunity.

However, the pharmaceutical industry has been successful in recent years in the field of mapping DNA genomes of viruses. This could bode very well indeed when it comes to finding a herpes cure. Some recent studies have shown that they could have identified which exact gene these viruses are hiding in. Now all that is left for them to do is to figure out how to prevent the said gene from developing. This will effectively cramp the style of the viruses, depriving them of a good place to hide and then allowing the pharmaceutical companies to come up with methods to bring these hidden viruses out into the open to be treated with the drugs. Whether the person is suffering from oral herpes or genital herpes, there will be a cure for the condition, and a permanent one, at that.

Even as we await for the pharmaceutical industry to give us a real herpes cure though, we can continue coping with the condition through the treatments that are currently available. Much as the pharmaceutical industry has been unable to develop a real lasting cure for herpes, it has nonetheless developed treatments through which the disease’s symptoms can be managed. Herpes patients who undergo the available herpes treatments will find that they don’t have a lot to worry about with their condition. While it is true that they don’t cure the condition, they are effective in dealing with the symptoms, which is already a huge thing for the patients.

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