A urologist is a medical doctor who has obtained intensive training in evaluating the genitourinary tract, which involves the kidneys, urinary bladder, and genitalia in both men and women. They also assess prostate concerns. A urologist is very well-versed in the normal function and anatomy of these structures, and thus is the perfect individual to ask about problems and disorders that can affect them, the medical and surgical tools that can improve their function, and the diverse treatment choices.

When to go to a urologist

There are problems and disorders that can be assessed and addressed by a general practitioner, but there are also those that necessitate the know-how of a urologist. It is recommended to visit a urologist for symptoms such as pain upon urination, a sense of difficulty empting the bladder fully, blood-tinged urine, incontinence, and pain originating from the genitals or urinary tract. You can also visit them for any issue in sexual function and becoming pregnant. For men, an increased prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels, an enlarged prostate, a testicular mass or pain are reasons why you should see a urologist without delay.

How to find a urologist

You can find a number of urologists based in Brooklyn, NY and it would be smart to check 3-5 urologists. You must do a comparison not only with respect to rates, but also their level and area of experience. For instance, you should know that under general urology, there are still a number of subspecialties, and it is ideal for you to go to a urologist who has know-how and experience dealing with a particular disorder. For example, those suffering from incontinence should look for a neurourologist, while those presenting warning signs of cancer should go to a urologic oncologist.

Since a urologist will assess and deal with disorders arising from the urinary tract and genital structures, it is important that you find a doctor you feel at ease with. Having a urologist you are uncomfortable with can be a reason for embarrassment and disappointment.

Word of mouth can be very helpful in locating a good urologist. The best individuals to ask are your buddies or workmates, family and neighbors, and your family doctor. In the absence of personal recommendation, you may get in touch with your insurance provider and ask for a list of their recommended urologists. Schedule initial meetings with the urologists on your shortlist so you can get a sense of how they take care of their patients. Once you come across someone whom you are comfortable with, stop looking and schedule periodic visits.

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